How To Calm Down A Husky? 4 Easy Ways!

Before you take home your new furry friend, you should be equipped with the knowledge on how to calm down a husky. Compared to other dogs, huskies tend to be more energetic, and it would be challenging to calm them down.

But do not worry because, in this post, you will learn how to minimize your dog’s hyperactivity. In doing so, you should give your pet plenty of exercise. This is generally the best way to make your husky calmer. 

How To Calm Down A Husky 4 Easy Ways!

Historically, huskies pull sleighs for several hours a day. They are bred to do that much physical activity, so he may become hyperactive if you aren’t giving your pet enough exercise to stimulate him. Other than this, there are other methods that you can make use of. You can do various things to calm down a husky, and they are working for varying reasons. What you can do to ensure utmost effectiveness is to combine and apply them. 


Ways To Calm Your Husky Down

As mentioned, you can do a lot of ways to calm down a husky. Let me walk you through them one by one. Again, the best technique is combining a few methods. Here are the ways on how to calm down a husky:


#1. Training

You can give your pet plenty of training to keep him calm. If you train your pet, you will be able to stop him every time he is hyper, and through time he will learn to listen to your command. Furthermore, it will utilize your dog’s mental energy in training, so in other words, you are wearing him out. 

You can also train your dog to wait until you command him to do things like running towards the door. The most common thing that you can teach your dog is to make him stay. Through this, you can prevent him from misbehaving easily. 

When you allow him to socialize with others or go to the vet, it will be easy for you to control him. It is good to start with “stay” training, then continue to reinforce this training regularly. Being consistent will make your pet used to the command. 

You can use this to make your pet wait before having his food every time you feed him. After that, you can then teach your husky to “come.” It would be easier for you to achieve this once you have already trained your pet to stay. This new training will benefit you since you can make him come to you whenever he misbehaves. Another form of training that you can teach your dog is to “run” during a particular situation, like when you take off its leash or every time the door opens. 

Anyway, you may also want to read about how to train a chihuahua not to bark and how to house train a pitbull puppy.


#2. Exercise

As mentioned earlier, huskies were initially bred for dragging sleighs in cold temperatures. They can do this for a couple of hours a day. With that being said, huskies need plenty of exercise daily, and if they do not get much exercise, they will become hyper. 

In case your husky does not get much exercise, lately, you can start to give him more exercise starting today. However, you should not underestimate the amount of activity that they need. Giving your pet about one hour of exercise daily if possible is ideal.

One good exercise for your husky is playing fetch. This is an efficient way to wear out your husky without you getting too tired. In case you prefer to run with your pet, you will end up being tired way before your pet. 

But by just playing fetch, you can prevent that from happening, making fetch a good exercise that you can give to your dog. But another form of exercise that you can consider is to walk your pet. Taking a walk is also an excellent way to wear out your husky. 

It is even best if you walk them along with other dogs to wear them out even faster. That is because the dogs will tend to play together, and it will expend their energy even quicker in such a case. So this is another way of giving your husky plenty of exercise without you getting worn out. 

In any case, if you are having difficulty finding time to exercise your dog, a dog walker would be the best option. They are accommodating in giving your dog its daily exercise requirements. It may also be a good idea to read about how much exercise does a pitbull need


#3. Calming chew

Another approach you can use is to buy some chew toys designed to calm huskies when they chew on these things. If you cannot calm down your husky, it is time to consider getting chew toys. You should teach your pet that if he misbehaves, he will not get some treats. Instead, you can give him the chew toys first. This would help prevent him from misbehaving the next time. 


#4. Ignoring him when he is being hyper

Huskies tend to become hyper. It usually takes place when they want to get the attention of their owner. It would be helpful to teach your pet that if he is being hyper, he will not get the attention he wants.  

By doing so, your dog will understand that you are not reinforcing hyperactivity. What you can do is to ignore your husky every time he wants attention, like when he starts to jump around when you get home and walk inside the door. Completely ignore him and only give him attention when he starts to calm down. Here’s also an article about how to calm a hyperactive pitbull


It’s A Wrap!

There you have it, folks. Hopefully, you have learned something from this post. Again, you can combine the different ways above on how to calm down a husky to ensure that your pet’s hyperactivity will be minimized. Learn more about how to calm your husky down.

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