How To Calm An Australian Shepherd? 4 Easy Steps To Follow!

It is pleasant to have a dog in your house, but if he has excess energy, you need to know how to calm an Australian shepherd. This breed of dog belongs to the most active breeds. But anything too much is bad. They are prone to hyperactivity. 

Before you start to figure out how to calm your dog down, you first need to determine why is he being hyper. One way to do it is to provide your pet with exercises and tasks. Most often than not, the reason behind the agitation of Australian Shepherds is insufficient exercise. 

How To Calm An Australian Shepherd 4 Easy Steps To Follow!

When they have not done many physical activities, the dog will find ways to expend their energy. So if you start to dislike the hyperactive behavior of your dog, this post will be very much helpful for you. 


4 Steps To Calm An Australian Shepherd

Probably, you are here because you noticed that your dog is a little bit more unrest than usual. However, take note that it is natural for this breed to be active. They are initially bred as herding dogs. Australian shepherds have enormous vitality and an outdoorsy spirit. With that being said, it can be an issue for them to stay at home all the time. Your dog will not like being confined in the house with nothing to do. Instead, they would want to go out for a play or walk. 

Despite the cold weather, it does not matter to them. This breed has thick fur that protects them against low temperatures. As such, one can say that it’s always a good time to go out for Australian Shepherds. 

Although the main reason why Australian Shepherds become agitated is staying inside the house, you can train them to become calmer. Follow the steps and tips below on how to calm an Australian shepherd: 


Step #1. Teach your dog some commands

Before anything else, it is important to start with basic commands. You need to make your pet understand what you tell them. Take note that commands are vital in any kind of dog training. The common commands that you can try are to stop and sit. These two are very crucial in training an Australian shepherd to be calm. 

For instance, the stop command should be used to make your dog stop doing what he is doing that you do not like. What’s good about this particular breed is that it is easy to train them. Your dog can learn the command in the first training session. That is why they are known as intelligent dogs as they can absorb information fast. You may want to find out how to potty train an Australian shepherd.


Step #2. Ignore the bad habits of your dog

This is a counter-instinctive step, but it is necessary. Since your pet loves you, he would always have your attention and bad behavior can be a method that they use to do this. For instance, when your pet scratches the furniture, it can make you furious so you would start to yell at him. But even if you become upset, your pet will become happy since he attained his goal which is to get your attention. This is such an intelligent practice. 

This method works for them without you even knowing. You are staying close to your dog as he does bad habits. So to avoid this from happening, you should not bother your dog in time that he misbehaves. If you do this, your pet will realize that this method does not work anymore, so he will reduce doing bad habits.


Step  #3. Be a good example to your dog

One important part of training your dog is to become a good example to him. Basically, your dog will see you as his leader. How you act will be reflected in the behavior of your dog. For instance, if you tend to become stressed most of the time, your Australian shepherd will also be the same and this can be bad. 

Ensure to live the same way you want your dog to live. You need to keep yourself relaxed, always smile at your dog, and show him a positive routine. This way, you can make your dog calmer easily. 

Another important factor is regularity. You need to establish a regular routine for your pet. Activities including walking around the block, playing, and eating should be timed strictly. If the schedule of your dog is messy, he will be messy too. As such, you need to organize your routine well to make your Aussie calmer. Through time, your pet will adapt to the routine you set for him and this can be replicated in the way he acts and behaves. Essentially, you are making your Australian shepherd adopt a strict lifestyle which is important to keep him calm. 


Step #4. Play and exercise with your dog

As mentioned earlier, the lack of exercise can make your dog hyperactive. Australian shepherds need to use their energy. If he is not given the chance to do so, he will become upset and begin to display this behavior inside the house. With that being said, you should always bring your pet outdoors. Plenty of exercises is required to make an Australian shepherd happy. This task should be done regularly. Try to exercise your dog for a couple of hours every day. What’s good about this is that both you and your dog can be entertained. Playing and exercising with your pet every day would lead to several health benefits. Know more about how to tire out an Australian shepherd.


It’s A Wrap!

It is tough to deal with your dog when he is unrest and the situation is more complicated when you own an Australian shepherd. But you must not panic in times like this. You can easily fix the situation. Remember that Aussies belong to energetic dogs. You can start by giving your dog more exercise. The key on how to calm an Australian shepherd is enough exercise daily. Physical activity should be a part of his daily routine. Some other tasks of your Aussie should also be organized and maintained on regular basis.