How To Calm A Hyperactive Pitbull? 6 Easy Steps!

You may be wondering how to calm a hyperactive pitbull; you’re in the right place because we will be learning the steps on what you should take. There are six excellent steps, all of which can be done with ease, and these things you will know as you dig into the entire page of this article.

I can relate to it, my friends. You’re not alone, so don’t fret about it. Mine is not satisfied with a mere stroll in the backyard or the park. I tried so hard so my pitbull could relax, to no avail. Of course, you cannot expect your dog to perform some yoga or drink chamomile tea. But then, you should know some ways so you can calm him down.

How To Calm A Hyperactive Pitbull 6 Easy Steps!

There are so many things that you should know about this topic. Just read further!


Steps To Calm A Hyperactive Pitbull

So, how to calm a hyperactive pitbull? Here are the following:


Step #1. Keeping him active and mentally stimulated

First thing first. Your pet needs mental stimulation and exercise. You’re lucky enough because you chose a dog that is bred for all purposes. You read it right- for all-purpose! Aren’t you amazed by such fact? Well, now you know!

Aside from the shared knowledge of the public- that pitbull is for fighting and baiting- your brilliant dog is made for herding sheep and cattle. So if you expect someone or something to be faithful, you can count on your pitbull.

If you think he is too hyperactive, maybe you just misinterpreted him. My friends, he tends to look for what he can do, so he acts so hyper, restless, much more frustrated. So, please give him a job; he will appreciate it, for sure. He’s someone who doesn’t want to remain inactive. If you want him to become more manageable, make sure you give him some tasks so he can exert his super energy.


Step #2. Investing in a long line

Perhaps you live in a small space, so you need to provide your dog with a long line. But then, if you have a farm and you can let your pet wander around, giving him freedom, you’re sure you can manage his hyperactivity. The thing is that if your dog is deprived of this freedom, chances are he will be super active. So, investing in a long line, about 50 to 100 feet, can be a good idea!


Step #3. Putting some weight

Hey, you can maximize your dog’s walk. And this can be done when you incorporate a backpack made for doggies. With this added weight, your pitbull may be compelled to exert more. At the same time, this allows him to reduce some energy and slow down. When doing this step, ensure that you adjust the weight gradually. Know how much exercise does a pitbull need.


Step #4. Rewarding your pet

What do you feel when you are given a reward? A reward is undoubtedly a sort of motivation. So, if you offer your pet a reward, he will most likely appreciate it and do it again. This being said, if he gets calm, you can always reward him for this.

Well, you should stop scolding him whenever he manifests terrible behavior. But whenever he does good deeds, it’s time to reward his goodness. Perhaps, arming yourself with a bunch of treats may do. Try standing in front of your pet and see what he may do. Usually, he may jump, circle, lick, back up, bark, paw, twirl, wag, or even wiggle- whatever it is! Eventually, you will find him lying or sitting down.

Whenever this situation occurs, it’s time that you should give him praise and reward him. Now, you have to reactivate him, then repeat the pattern. Whenever he is fond of this, you need to try delaying his reward and try some new things.


Step #5. Doing some nose work

Now, it’s time for your dog’s nose to work. You can play a game. Use numbers of kibble and toss these around your yard or home. Command him to find these kibbles. If ever he is good at it, you may take the game to the next level. Try hiding these things in places where it can be challenging for him to reach. In so doing, you’re sure your pet can exercise and stimulate his mind. Most of all, this activity can be tiring for him, so you’re calming a hyperactive dog.


Step #6. Training impulse control

It’s time for training your dog to obtain impulse control. The thing is that most hyperactive dogs are given rewards due to their behaviors. Whenever your dog jumps at you, don’t mind the said behavior. If I were you, you provide him attention whenever he gives all his paws to you. For instance, he wants to go outside. Don’t let him out unless he waits first. The same is true whenever you feed him. Don’t ever give him food unless he calms down.

These little things are sure to calm a hyperactive dog. So I guess it’s a good idea to know dog impulse control games and also the ways on how to house train a pitbull puppy.


It’s A Wrap!

It’s normal for dogs to be hyperactive; you can’t stop them given their dynamic nature. But then, if you think it’s too much, you should know the steps on how to calm a hyperactive pitbull. Well, anyway, we have mentioned six easy steps, which I’m sure you can do with a breeze. So, until here, my friends! Until then. Oh, you may also want to read how to make a pitbull big.

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