How To Brush Australian Shepherd? 4 Helpful Tips To Remember

If you are a dog parent, you should know how to brush Australian shepherd. This breed belongs to the herding pooch. What makes it popular is its distinct characteristics, including its curly hair. Australian shepherds are also intelligent, obedient, and agile.

Like with any other breed of dog, you need to groom your Aussie regularly. What’s good about this breed is that minimal maintenance is only required. The upkeep includes removing the shed hair from your dog about twice a week, at the very least.

How To Brush Australian Shepherd 4 Helpful Tips To Remember

Australian shepherds are shedding throughout the year, which happens more often during fall and spring. They are shedding some of their hair because, during that season, not as much hair is needed to keep them warm. Other than the shedding, your dog’s skin is prone to tangles, mat, dirt, and danger as well. With that being said, Aussie owners need to know how to brush properly. In this post, we will discuss the basics when it comes to brushing the hair of your Aussie.


The Basics Of Brushing

So, how to brush Australian shepherd? It is essential to brush the hair of your dog regularly not only to remove dead hairs but also to promote and distribute natural oils and bring out the natural luster and shine of your Aussie’s coat. Not only that, but regular brushing is also helpful in preventing the matting of the undercoat. Since Australian shepherds have a double coating, they would shed a lot. This is a natural process in which dead hairs fall out and are replaced. The shedding amount will vary depending on the season, climatic conditions, and dog breed. The majority of Aussies are shedding heavily during spring.

If you take care of your Australian shepherd properly, the upkeep of the coat will be very much easy. But if you neglect to do this regularly, it would take time to restore your pooch’s fur and make it healthy and look good again.

Many owners would shave their Aussie during summer, thinking that it could help in keeping them cool. However, doing this is very controversial. Others are doing this thinking that it will reduce the need for brushing or to remove matting. Little did they know that the coat would become prone to sunburn. This is especially true for dogs in merle shade. Shaving will further remove the natural protection of your pooch against burns and stickers.


Dog Brushes To Use For Your Australian Shepherd

When it comes to brushing your Australian shepherd, it is essential that you utilize the proper tools so that his coat won’t be damaged. Using the brush or comb intended explicitly for the Australian shepherd is crucial. These brushes are typically made of metal or plastic bristles. Metal is more efficient, though.

For most Australian shepherds, it is enough to use slicker brushes to remove the shedding hairs and mats paired with pin brushes for their long hair. But it would also be best to use a stripping comb to remove the undercoat. To remove the debris, it is recommended to use a steel comb designed with teeth divided between coarse and fine. Those altogether are ideal for daily grooming. Dead hair, dirt, dust, and debris will surely whisk away.


4 Tips To Brush Australian Shepherd

Below are some of the essential tips to keep in mind when brushing your Australian shepherd. This includes calming your dog, using an appropriate brush, being patient, and being gentle.


Tip #1. Calm your dog

Training your dog to keep calm as you brush him is the essential thing in this task. If needed, your pet should be held helped by another person as you are grooming him. This is to prevent your dog from attempting to escape. Know how to calm an Australian shepherd.


Tip #2. Use appropriate brush

When brushing, you should begin at his head and work down onto his tail. Start using the comb or slicker to loosen the fur’s dead hair, dirt, and debris. Take time to brush thoroughly through the entire body. Ensure to focus on his bottom and shoulder areas. That is because the fur in these areas grows the thickest. These are also prone to matting. If your Aussie sheds heavily or during the shedding season, it would be best to use the raking brush and do the same process. This kind of brush can penetrate through the undercoat of your dog. This will get rid of the dead fur and stubborn dirt.


Tip #3. Be patient with mats

If there are mats, you should apply a coat conditioner or mat spray and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes. Note that removing the stubborn mats can be painful or uncomfortable.


Tip #4. Be gentle

Another essential tip when brushing your Aussie is to be gentle. It would help if you did not brush your pet too hard. Of course, you wouldn’t want to hurt the skin of your pooch. Also, note that grooming will become harder in the long run if you are not gentle. Meaning to say, your dog will be uncooperative soon.


How Often To Brush Australian Shepherd?

Grooming and brushing an Australian shepherd should be done once a week at the very least. Brushing will help in removing the dead hair and debris. This will likewise spread your dog’s natural oils throughout the coat, keeping the fur silky and soft. You may also be interested to know how to groom Australian shepherd.


It’s A Wrap!

Now that you know how to brush Australian shepherd, you can surely keep your pet feeling comfortable and great. It would be very soothing to run the right comb or brush onto the skin of your pup. Furthermore, you can bond with your companion as you do this. Brushing your Australian shepherd will also help ensure healthy circulation and the distribution of the essential oils throughout the skin of your dog. Regular brushing will also let you know if there are cuts, bumps, or scrapes on the skin of your pet.