How Often To Bathe A Husky? 5 Easy Bathing Tips!

Some dogs need more bathing than others, but the question is: how often to bathe a husky? This article will provide you with a complete guide about bathing a husky, including essential tips for keeping happy and healthy. 

Huskies are naturally hygienic, so they do not need frequent bathing. As recommended, you should only bathe your husky once every three months or when required only.

How Often To Bathe A Husky 5 Easy Bathing Tips!

It would be best to stick with this average. Some owners would even bathe their husky less often, but it does not result in any odor, coat, or skin problems. You should avoid bathing your husky too much. But in case your husky gets very dirty unexpectedly, do not hesitate to bathe him. 


Why Do Huskies Not Need To Be Bathe Frequently?

If you know this fact, you would want to change the bathing frequency of your husky. Huskies are very hygienic. They are very much like cats that take time to clean themselves. You will see your pet licking its fur to maintain its coat. This is natural among huskies. You may not see it but believe me, they do it. Since huskies are cleaning themselves, they will not smell, unlike other dogs.

So if you walk inside a house with huskies, it will not smell like those typical dog odors that you know. Bathing you’re husky too much will bring more harm. This statement remains true even if you use shampoos specially formulated to be natural and mild. Too much bathing will strip away the natural oils present on the coat and skin of the husky. Natural oils are vital since they are the ones that keep both the coat and skin healthy.

An imbalance in the oil will naturally cause the husky’s body to produce more oil to compensate for the lost oils. But this can result in more oil being produced. If too much oil is produced, it can lead to skin issues, greasy coats, or even cause your husky to smell. You would think that you have to bathe your pet again in such a case. Thereby the unhealthy process will repeat once again until it becomes a pattern. 


5 Bathing Tips To Remember

Since you asked: how often to bathe a husky, we decided to include a few helpful tips to supplement bathing. Ensure to follow these tips so that you can keep your pet safe and clean. 


#1. Brushing before bath

First and foremost, it would be great to brush the fur of your dog before you start bathing him. What’s good about huskies is that they typically do not need much brushing, unlike other breeds that are also double-coated. But it is still necessary to do this. Other than your brushing routine, it would be best if you remembered to brush your husky thoroughly before every bath. Doing so will remove the dirt clumps and untangle the matting present in the coat of your husky. Then, use the slicker brush to remove the dead fur. 


#2. Talk with your pet while bathing

You might not hear this often, but it is essential to communicate with your pet as you bathe him. Some huskies may like bath time, but most do not. With that being said, you must reassure your pet. Try to speak to him using your calming voice. This will help make your husky enjoy taking a bath and not fear it. Remember that the more calming and reassuring you, the more comfortable your pet will be. 


#3. You should use water at room temperature

Huskies can tolerate the cold very well, but this is only true when dry. Note that huskies cannot stand being wet and cold altogether since they are not accustomed to this. Perhaps, you live in an area with a hot climate, or it is the summer season, you should use cold water for bathing your husky. This will help them in cooling down. But if your area is not particularly hot, then using room temperature is enough. You must not utilize hot water since this can dry out your husky’s skin after bathing him.


#4. Rinse twice

Most husky owners tend to neglect to rinse. Then, when there are no more suds visible, they tend to finish bathing. But this should be the time that you should rinse your dog more thoroughly to make sure. If any shampoo or soap is left into the skin or coat of your husky, even in small amounts only, it can lead to irritation. This can potentially lead to further skin issues. So it would be best if you rinsed your pet again. 


#5. Proper drying

When it comes to drying, the most suitable option is to use a towel. But you can also use the blow dryer. You have to make sure that the air coming out is only warm and not too hot. Blow-drying using its hottest setting will risk the coat and skin of your husky becoming dry. Also, dry your pet immediately after bath. Keeping him wet for too long, mainly when it is sunny, or the weather is hot, will make it too cold for them. This will also cause some skin problems. 


It’s A Wrap!

Bathing a husky is not something that you be done too often. On average, huskies must only be bathed once every three months or only when needed. Since you have reached the end of this post on how often to bathe a husky, you must have known why you should not bathe your pet too often. You may also want to read about how often to bathe German shepherd and how often should I bathe my pitbull

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