How Often Should I Bathe My Australian Shepherd Puppy? 3 Best Signs That Your Dog Needs A Bath!

Most dog owners would ask themselves: how often should I bathe my Australian shepherd puppy? Generally, it would help if you only bathed your Australian shepherd once every 3-4 months. 

For some, they would bathe their pet every 2-3 months since they quickly get dirty or oily. But Australian shepherds shouldn’t be bathed more than the frequency mentioned above. Or else, you will face some unfavorable effects. 

How Often Should I Bathe My Australian Shepherd Puppy 3 Best Signs That Your Dog Needs A Bath!

Nonetheless, it would help if you kept reading this post as we will provide you with the basics of bathing your Australian shepherd puppy. Some tips that can guide you will also be provided. 


The Basics Of Bathing Aussie Puppies

Varying rules apply to every puppy. Generally, your puppy should only be bathed once his vaccination has already passed two weeks. This is to ensure that his immune system will be able to handle it. If your puppy gets dirty, wipe him down using pet wipes or a damp cloth. But take note not to wet its fur too much. After the first bath of your puppy, you should wait about 4-6 months for another bathing time. It would help if you did not bathe your pet before this. Again, wipe him off if he gets dirty. If your pet has reached adulthood, you can already shorten the bath intervals for about 3-4 months. 


Risks Of Bathing An Australian Shepherd

Some are hesitant about bathing their Australian shepherd. But it is safe for as long as you do it at the right intervals. You may be curious why it is not advised to wash your pet weekly or more frequently than the recommended interval when the bath is supposed to keep the dog healthy. 

You should be aware that the coat and skin of the dog are producing natural oils that keep the skin healthy and moisturized. These oils likewise keep the fur of the dog looking good and silky. 

Bathing your Aussie too often will strip away these natural oils. You will notice first the skin being irritated and dry, which can make your dog feel uncomfortable and itchy. After some time, your dog’s body will start to overcompensate the lacking oil by producing more oils than needed. As a result, the coat of your dog will become oil. It will have an odd smell too. When this happens, you would want to bathe your dog more frequently, making the problem even worse. In such a case, you will need to visit the vet. But take note that you won’t be facing this issue in the first place if you bathe your Australian shepherd only as necessary. 


3 Signs That Your Dog Needs A Bath

When it comes to bathing your Aussie, the timeline is very rough. But that is not the only detail you need. This breed is very active, and they like to spend most of their time outdoors. With that being said, most owners feel that they need to bathe their pets more often. But how can they know if it is indeed the right time for bathing their Australian shepherd? 


#1. When your pet smell

Certainly, your Aussie has to be bathed when he starts to smell. If the last bathing is not too long ago, you can wait before the door becomes more noticeable before bathing him. If your pet smells bad regularly, then consulting the vet may be needed. There is a possibility that your pet has a particular skin condition that causes the smell. Medicated shampoos or other medication may solve the issue. 


#2. When your pet is dirty or muddy

The only time that you can’t put off a bath is when your pet is covered with dirt or mud. For instance, when your pet is caked in dust, then you need to hose him down. But you can try to brush off the dust or grime first. You can get rid of the large debris this way. But if there are remnants still, you need to bathe your pet and shampoo him. 


#3. When the coat is oily

Some coats of Aussies are producing more oils as compared to others. If your dog is like this, then you will need to bathe him regularly. Just ensure that over-bathing is not the cause of oiliness. You can also visit the vet as there may be something that is causing the problem. However, if oiliness is a part of the natural state of your dog, then you need to bathe him once every two months. 


Tips To Remember When Bathing Australian Shepherds

So, you’ve know the answer to your question: how often should I bathe my Australian shepherd puppy. Let’s delve into the tips whenever you’re bathing your dog:


Tip #1. Brush first

Before bathing your Australian shepherd, it would be best to brush him first. Use both rake and slicker brush in brushing his coat thoroughly. Doing so will dislodge the loose hairs that can become matted as you bathe your pooch. Furthermore, it will ensure that the drains will not clog into the fur. Know how to brush Australian shepherd


Tip #2. Avoiding the ears

If the water gets in the ears of your dog, then it can lead to an infection. Some owners would put cotton wool in the pup’s ears so that water would not get in. But your dog may not be receptive to this. Just soak the fur of your puppy up to his head. The head and face should only be cleaned off using a damp cloth. Well, anyway, here’s how to trim Australian shepherd ears.


Tip #3. Dry thoroughly

It is essential to dry your dog thoroughly, which will take some time given their thick fur. Make use of towels so that moisture will be absorbed. You may also use a blow dryer if your pet is okay with it. Ensure to put this on the lowest setting. The nozzle should also be 6 inches away.


It’s A Wrap!

After everything we discussed above, for sure, you already get the answers to the question: how often should I bathe my Australian shepherd puppy? We also have touched on why it is not a good idea to over-bathe your Aussie. Furthermore, the tips would be very much helpful to you.