How Much To Feed Pitbull Until 8 Weeks Old? Read These Facts!

Are you wondering how much to feed pitbull? In simple steps, you can; and these things you will find out as you delve into this article deeper. Of course, it may vastly depend on its age, sex, and size.

The general rule is that you should feed it around four times daily, and you should do this until it is 12 weeks old, but in this article, we’ll discuss only until eight weeks.

After which, you need to lessen its meal to 3, and eventually to 2, much more, in every meal, you should be giving around one-fourth cup. So, this means that it takes 2 cups of meals every day until it reaches three months old. At this time, you will observe how it grows faster and requires more calories. Read further, so you will know what I’m talking about.


How Much To Feed A Pitbull Puppy?

I know you only want the best for your pitbull puppy. But, my friends, you have to understand your expectations to promote positive growth; and this includes how much and how often you should feed your pup. Whatever is its age right now, it’s a must that when you’re feeding it, do so with proper care. In this way, you’re sure that it grows just the way you want it to be. So, how much to feed pitbull? Read the following:


At two weeks

I know you find your two-week-old pitbull puppy very cute. It may be opening its eyes already and starting to wobble all around. But then, it doesn’t go far yet. Just like babies, this age group is still dependent on its mom’s milk.

That’s why you should not allow it to be away from its mother. At the same time, the mommy pitbull needs a considerable amount of calories to offset the calories it makes and shares with its baby. If you observe that your pup is smaller than others, you may seek help from your vet; it may need a supplementing formula.


At three weeks

If your pup reaches three weeks old, it may already have an excellent balance. But then, it’s still not time for it to be away from its mother. During this stage, the pup is still entirely dependent on its mom’s milk. So, my friends, you should also not introduce or wean dog food yet.

If you’re offering your pup for adoption, you are most likely trying to wean it. Here’s what you should know: it’s a big no-no at a very young age. However, it is a must that you feed your pup upon its demand. So, it’s best that you lay down for it, so you nurse the pup until it is complete. At this stage, your pup may know how to urinate in a litter. You may also want to teach the ways on how to train your dog to poop in a litter box.


At four weeks

Once it reaches four weeks old, it may be capable of controlling its legs, allowing it to wander around, but only slightly. But, again, it’s still the time when it needs its mom’s milk. So, if you’re thinking of weaning it, try mixing puppy food (1/4) with water (3/4).

Once your pup reaches four weeks old, it won’t be eating that much anymore, especially that one you’ve mixed. So don’t fret whenever it happens. It means that it is not yet ready. And it wants to obtain its nutrients from its mom.


At five weeks

If your pup is already five weeks old, you may be surprised how it loves to try puppy food. But then, it doesn’t mean that you feed it purely with puppy food; you still have to mix it with water. And take note that the primary mixture is water. Before, it may seem not excited, but not now. Then again, not all puppies are the same. So in case, it is not yet engaging, don’t compel it.

Now, try to let your pitbull try even just the mixture’s taste. The thing is that it’s still vital that it gets its food from its mother. So even if you see your pup trying the mixture, you should not expect a lot; don’t think it can eat a lot of food. Also, remember that its stomach is small, so it’s sure not to have much.


At six weeks

When it reaches six weeks, you may observe that it is trying to love that food mix you just made. If it tries to eat it, you can lessen the water- about half until it is used to pure puppy food. It may be helpful to know the 4 best dog for for pitbull puppies to gain weight.

But then, you should not expect that your dog eats so much. Instead, you may use it to eat from here to there. In this way, it allows your dog to be used to eating food. The important thing here is that it should have enough calories from its mom.


At seven weeks

If your puppy already reached seven weeks old, it may be eating a lot already, without trouble at all. But, in case you haven’t entirely removed the water from your dog’s food, then now is the time. Also, if its mom wants to nurse its child, you may quickly stop it before it should move on.

You may observe that the mother works to wean her children; this may help the former separate from the latter. In addition, puppy food will serve as an excellent source of nutrition at this point. And also, you can allow the mom to escape from its pups whenever it wants. You may want to read the 10 best dog food for small dogs.


At eight weeks

Now, your pup may be adopted by other people. At this point, it no longer is having mom’s milk. So, it should be dependent on puppy food. My friends, it would help if you fed it four times every day, whenever necessary.

Also, you should make sure that you provide food in proportion, so it achieves the calories it needs. It’s also a good idea to get rid of the left unattended food after about 20 minutes. In this way, the puppy will be more disciplined whenever it is time to eat. Also, this will aid in its proper digestion.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you know how much to feed a pitbull until it becomes eight weeks old. There are many more things that you should know about feeding them from 8 weeks onwards, so read on further about how much you feed your pitbull. You may also want to read about when do pitbull puppies lose their teeth. Until here, my friends. Have a great day!

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