How Much Exercise Does An Australian Shepherd Puppy Need? 3 Suprising Things To Know!

Are you wondering if how much exercise does an Australian shepherd puppy need? Since Australian Shepherds are working dogs, they are very smart and active. Therefore, this dog breed would want to be busy all the time. Initially, they were bred for herding livestock. 

But now, Australian shepherds are among the popular companion breeds in the US. As athletic and hyperactive dogs, they need an hour or two of exercise daily at the very least. They need sufficient time to play, run, and use their energy so that they will stay happy and healthy. 

How Much Exercise Does An Australian Shepherd Puppy Need 3 Suprising Things To Know!

Owning an Aussie is excellent for those who want a partner pursuing an active lifestyle. For instance, you can take your dog with you to do physical activities such as agility training, hiking, and long walks. 

Australian Shepherd Exercise Requirement

So, how much exercise does an Australian shepherd puppy need? Breeds with high energy, like Australian shepherds, need plenty of exercise. As a general rule, the minimum physical activity requirement is 1-2 hours. But more would be good. The exercise can include fun activities, free playtime, vigorous activity, and daily walks.

These herding dogs were initially bred to chase animals the entire day. As such, your Aussie needs as much work out they do on the field. Another thing to consider is the intelligent nature of Australian shepherds. Since they belong to the intelligent breed, mental stimulation is also crucial. Therefore, some ideas like stimulating toys, brain games, dog agility, and training are good for intellectual enrichment. It’s best to also know how to potty train an Australian shepherd


Importance Of Exercise To Australian Shepherds

If you neglect the need of your dog to think and move, it can lead to the development of behavioral issues. The lack of entertainment would make the dog find ways to keep himself busy. Digging excessively, nipping, chewing, and barking excessively are often due to insufficient exercise. It is essential to keep your Aussie busy and active to ensure that he will be happy and healthy. Suppose you prefer dogs that have moderate energy with minimal care needed only. In that case, an Australian shepherd is not an ideal breed for you. On the other hand, sporty people would find this breed an excellent companion. You may want to find out how to take care of an Australian shepherd puppy


3 Factors That Influence Exercise Requirement Of An Australian Shepherd

How much exercise an Australian shepherd puppy needs varies, and some factors influence it. Let us discuss those factors in brief below. Please scroll down. 


#1. Physical and health conditions

The recommended daily exercise requirement of 1-2 hours is suitable for healthy Aussies only. If the dog is not in good condition or has particular medical restrictions, the requirements would be lower, which is lower most of the time. It is also essential that you choose an activity that will suit his conditions and limits. 


#2. Age

If your Australian shepherd is still young, his joints, muscles, and joints have not fully developed yet. It would be best if you only focused on making your dog have fun, play, and socialize during the early stage. Vigorous walking, dog sports, and other heavy exercises are not ideal for puppies. As the general guideline, an Aussie puppy should get about 5 minutes of physical activity times its month of age. This can be done two times every day. But since they belong to hyperactive breeds, Aussie puppies might have sufficient energy for more. As such, puppies aging three months require about 30 minutes of exercise. 

Conversely, senior dogs have less energy than puppies and adult dogs. They are also more prone to physical conditions. But it does not mean that your dog doesn’t exercise since he’s a senior already. They are not as active as before and have become more fragile, so you need to change the activities. You need to know the limits of your dog and respect it. This applies to all dogs, no matter their age. Or else, he is more prone to injure or hurt himself. Also, ensure to adjust the level of exercise accordingly depending on the immediate needs of your dog.


#3. Energy level

Another trait of your Australian shepherd that you need to consider is the amount of energy he needs to spend. Although Aussies are famous for being highly active, some of them are more hyper than others.


How To Keep Your Dog In Good Shape?

You can keep your dog busy and healthy in different ways. If you own an Aussie, you need to be up for daily exercise with your dog. Since this breed has high intelligence, they also require mental stimulation to be kept satisfied. 


How Much Is The Exercise Requirement Of A Miniature Australian Shepherd?

People who own mini Australian shepherds, also known as toy Aussies, do not require the same physical activities that stranded breed needs. The size is the main factor influencing their speed in fulfilling exercise requirements. But mini Aussies are still great companions for people with an active lifestyle. Toy and Miniature Australian shepherds require approximately 45-60 minutes of exercise daily. Since they have high energy levels and excellent physical conditions, you can take them for vigorous activities such as running and hiking.

It would be best if you also took your small dog for daily walks. Not only that, but they also need free playtime and mental stimulation, so ensure to provide these to your mini Aussies.


It’s A Wrap!

The key to helping your dog to stay busy, improve its health, and build stamina is consistency. Moderate activities like interactive and fun games, free playtime, and walking are some of the excellent ways to give your Australian shepherd exercise. Much more, you need to know how much exercise does an Australian shepherd puppy need. Hopefully, the information we provide you are sufficient. Now, you may want to take your dog out. Enjoy! You may also want to read about how much exercise does your German Shepherd need.