How Much Does A Blue German Shepherd Cost? 9 Fascinating Fact!

Do you have any idea how much does a blue German shepherd cost? Depending on the breeder, a blue German shepherd puppy might cost anywhere from $1,200 to $1,500. As far as many people know, German shepherds don’t just come in black and tan. Instead, this breed comes in a variety of colors. But among the colors available for this breed, the blue German shepherd is still the most popular dog.

It is commonly known that German shepherd dogs are extremely loyal and devoted to their owner’s family. This dog is noted for its hypervigilance because it was bred to guard humans. When they sense danger, they don’t stop when unnoticed.

How Much Does A Blue German Shepherd Cost? 9 Fascinating Fact!

This GSD variance shares the same temperament and personality traits as standard German shepherds. However, due to their long lineage, blue German shepherds are likely to have endured genetic mutations. Since they’re more susceptible to several health issues, they’re more vulnerable.


How Much Will You Pay For A Blue German Shepherd Puppy? 

Please continue reading to learn more about them and their distinctive coloration.


#1. The blue German shepherd’s history

Knowing that German shepherds are commonly used as working dogs, they have been utilized in various ways. These dogs have been the front liners in terms of search and rescue. That is why the German shepherds are usually paired to work with the military and law enforcement officers. Most families got German shepherds and served as the watchdog.

German shepherds come in a variety of colors. One of the most fascinating and unique breeds is the blue German shepherd. The American Kennel Club was the first body to recognize them.  However, others believe that its blue coat is a severe issue. These puppies’ blue coats do not affect their temperament, but experts believe selective breeding has wiped out the blue color.


#2. The breed’s ancestry

To understand the origins of the blue German shepherd, you must first comprehend the breed. After seeing a German shepherd at a dog show, Von Stephanitz felt the ideal working dog. Then he adopted one of the dogs and named him Horand. And later on, during their time, the German shepherd Dog Society was formed.

To create the first breed standard for German shepherd puppies, Horand and other dogs of a similar appearance were crossed together. Two years after their introduction in the United States, the American Kennel Club recognized them. You may also want to read about when is the best time to breed a female German shepherd


#3. The blue coat german shepherd dog

One of the purebred German shepherds is the blue German shepherd, and it is not a crossbreed. Each dog has the same personality traits and temperament as a result of this conclusion. There is only one drawback to their scarcity, how much does a blue German shepherd cost? It’s pricey.

You can get a good German shepherd puppy between $300 and $700, which is a reasonable price from a reputable breeder. But in other cases, the price of a blue coat German shepherd is dependent on the type of breeder. Depending on the breed, a blue German shepherd puppy might cost anywhere from $1,200 to $1,500. So before purchasing a dog, always check out the breeder’s reputation.

They can have anywhere from one to fifteen littermates for a litter of blue splashed German shepherd puppies. Because of the breed’s popularity, it may be challenging to locate a breeder who does not produce German shepherds that are black or tan.


#5. The coat

Unlike other German shepherds, Blue German shepherds have a blue tint to their coats, making them stand out. They can weigh up to 95 pounds and stand over 26 inches tall in the males of this species. Generally speaking, females weigh between 55 and 73 pounds and are no taller than 24 inches.

Long, square muzzles and a domed head are typical features of this breed of canine. In order to keep their heads low to the ground, these creatures have large ears and lengthy necks. Wolf-like ancestors have been compared to them, and they’re formidable canines.

The length of a German shepherd’s coat depends on the breed. Because of their diverse undercoat textures, these dogs have several coats to keep them warm when they’re working in the cold. Some pets shed excessively. The best thing to do if you are allergic is not to get one. To reduce the amount of hair these dogs shed, keeping up a regular grooming schedule is essential.


#6. The color

Blue German shepherds are more expensive than other breeds because of their color. Most people assumed that these dogs have a blue coat because of their name, blue coat German shepherds. Thus, their coats, instead of bluish, appears to be blackish or greyish. We can, however, tell what kind of animal it is by its temperament or demeanor. It may also be a good idea to read about what is the rarest color of Chihuahua.


#7. The temperament of a blue German shepherd

All dogs necessitate socialization since they are naturally drawn to human contact. However, with German shepherds puppies, socialization is just as critical. Dogs who are outgoing and friendly like this one are not uncommon. These dogs prefer to spend their time outside where they can get a lot of exercises.

On the other hand, these dogs are intelligent and sensitive to being left alone, and they also demand a lot of mental stimulation. And as a result, puppies might suffer from separation anxiety if they are left alone for an extended time. It’s not the dog for you if you have to put in long hours every day at work.


#8. Common health conditions of a blue German shepherd

The average lifespan of a blue German shepherd is nine to thirteen years. Numerous health issues can affect the blue German Shepherd. The most common medical issue that they might have is elbow and hip dysplasia. To know if your dog is suffering from this issue, the typical indication of dysplasia is joint malformation. Over time, joint pain can lead to a limp, which is quite debilitating, common among dogs of any breed.


#9. The blue coat German shepherd exercise

As a former working dog, the German shepherd needs a lot of mental and physical stimulation to remain content. If you don’t give your German shepherd enough exercise, he’ll get fat and unhealthy. Going for a walk and engaging in physical and mental activities are part of this. If you are limiting the space, your pet has to run around. Then they may develop unwell and die. Know more about blue German shepherd


It’s A Wrap!

The following facts above says how much does a blue German shepherd cost. It’s fair to say that you can get a blue German shepherd puppy for $1,200 to $1,500. But purchasing a puppy from a reputable breeder and obtaining health clearances from both parents are the best ways to ensure your puppy is not susceptible to any of these diseases.

You should also watch their health and take them to the veterinarian for frequent checkups. But, most of all, you should be devoted to having a dog and raising them like having your child.

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