How Much Are White German Shepherd Puppies? 5 Awesome Facts!

Are you wondering how much are white German shepherd puppies? A white German shepherd puppy can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500.

In the United States, the White German shepherd dog is a popular breed. Due to its rarity, a white German shepherd is a desirable possession.

How Much Are White German Shepherd Puppies 5 Awesome Facts!

In terms of appearance, this variety of the breed is a one-of-a-kind canine. It is debated whether or not this different variety of the standard breed should be permitted to exist. Regardless, they are still in high demand. When you harmed the white German shepherd’s reputation, fanciers interfered.

As a result, they’ve produced them on purpose to secure their genetic composition and establish themselves as a different species. After three generations of breeding, the German shepherd breed was dubbed White Shepherds. The German shepherd puppies in this litter are descended from a cleaner branch of the White German shepherd family tree.


How Much Is A White German Shepherd Puppy?

So, how much are white German shepherd puppies? Here are the things that explain why you have to pay such: 


#1. The white German shepherd’s history

The history of the German shepherd can be traced back to its days as a herding dog in northern Germany. Each region had its breed of herding dog, and in the late 1800s, you bred the best of these to create the German shepherd we know and love today. Horand von Grafrath was the name given to the first known German shepherd, born in 1895.

Greif, his paternal great-grandfather, was a black Thuringian Shepherd. The white gene has its origins in Greif, a small town in northern Germany. Since then, litter has included white German shepherds. However, they infrequently appear, either due to genetic drift or as a result of selective breeding. Since then, scientists and dog lovers have been working together to understand better the genetics of the breed and the dog itself.


#2. The GSD’s reputation

It said that the dog was white because of the snow. White German shepherds have had a bad rap ever since 1933, especially during World War II. Their mistake was to believe him to be an albino dog. As a result, his genetic status was downgraded to a carrier after that event. You even suggested that a white German shepherd was the root of all disease, which was demonstrably untrue.

This resulted in a movement developed to eradicate them from the gene pool.  But, there is no scientific proof that white German shepherds have a lower success rate in conformation shows.

Since then, a significant number of breeders have continued to be critical of the breed. Since the German shepherd breed in 1895, white dog lovers have worked hard to preserve it and keep it from extinction. White German shepherds were initially just a natural color variation. Still, they are now also considered a separate breed in their own right by some circles of the German shepherd community.

In the community, there is still a lot of disagreement about this. Those who support White Shepherds refer to them by their preferred term, simply White shepherds. Classic German shepherd breeders, on the other hand, continue to refer to their dogs as White German shepherds.

In 1999, the United Kennel Club in the United States became the first to recognize White shepherds as a separate breed. White shepherds have grown in popularity ever since. Unfortunately, the AKC’s only designation for a white puppy is a German shepherd, the country’s second most popular canine breed. We can’t tell how widespread these puppies are because they aren’t recognized as a separate breed by the AKC.


#3. The breed’s genetics

There is also debate over the white German shepherd’s ancestry. Because the white gene is recessive, a white pup would need to inherit it from his parents if he wanted to be that color. However, this recessive gene will make him white if he gets it from both parents. Therefore, one of his parents must have carried it for him to have this recessive gene.

Otherwise, his coloration will be determined by the other genes passed down from his mother and father. A recessive gene acts as an on and off switch, so if both parents are white, all children will be white. So even though it isn’t true, a litter of non-white dogs can have a few white pups if both parents carry the gene.

It’s a common misconception that white German shepherds are albino. When a dog is born with albinism, it is due to a congenital disability. Because of this, people with this condition will have white or gray hair and pale features like pink eyes and skin. As with any dog breed, there are albino individuals.

However, he is a purebred white dog with dark brown or black eyes and facial features. His skin tone does not indicate any underlying medical conditions. Deafness is common in breeds like the Dogo Argentino and the English Bull Terrier that have pigmentation-related health issues.

The whiteness of the German shepherd is purely cosmetic and has no bearing on the breed’s health or well-being. There are similarities between this breed and the long-coated German shepherd.

It may also be a good idea to read about when is the best time to breed a female German shepherd.


#4. The AKC’s registration for the white German

Even though white German shepherds can be registered with the AKC, they cannot participate in dog competitions. There are numerous reasons dog owners worldwide join kennel clubs with their canine companions. Registering your dog with a kennel club is a personal decision.

In the minds of many, the AKC represents the pinnacle of kennel club tradition and quality. AKC membership has clear restrictions for white German shepherds, depending on your motivation for joining a kennel club.

Registration with the UKC is an excellent idea to show your dog in conformation competitions. However, German shepherds of darker colors are better choices if you want the recognition that comes with being registered with the American Kennel Club. Read about AKC puppy registration.


#5. The white GSD appearance

A 65-90-pound weight range is typical for white German shepherd males. German shepherds with white coats will stand between 24 and 26 inches tall at the withers and hocks, depending on the breed. In females, the weight range is 50-70 pounds, and the height range is 22-24 inches.

White German shepherds are generally in the middle of the pack when it comes to size, but he is prohibited from going more than 2 inches either way from the breed standard. Oh, anyway, click on this link to know how to bulk up a German shepherd.

Their eyes are usually dark brown or black, and they have long tails and large erect ears. They have a strong, commanding presence and are noticeably taller than wide.

The undercoat of white German shepherds is dense and fine in texture, while the outer coat is thick and straight on these dogs. This thick, two-layer coat keeps him warm and dry while also providing some protection from the weather. Colors from cream to light biscuit are acceptable, but pure white is preferred.

Thus, the rarity of this breed may affect how many are white German shepherd puppies when sold.


It’s A Wrap!

White German shepherds have white coats, making them extremely hard to find and collectible. However, even though some of the most well-known canine organizations in the world consider him defective, his services are still in high demand no matter how much are white German shepherd puppies are sold.

White German shepherds, no matter what name or color they go by, are excellent pets for families. He is a kind, gentle, loving, and protective dog. But, of course, you’ll be the center of attention at the dog park with their striking appearance. And in getting one, you will likely prepare $1,000 to $1,500 to get a lovely addition to your home. You may also want to read about how much does a blue German shepherd cost.

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