How Long To Walk Australian Shepherd Puppy? Surprising Things Affecting Dog Walks!

You sure know that Australian shepherds need plenty of exercises but how long to walk Australian shepherd puppy? It can be tricky to know when it is right to start walking your pup and for how long.

 A good rule of thumb is to take your pup for about 5 minutes each month old. If you start when your puppy is eight weeks old, you should stick to walking him for only 10 minutes until he turns three months old. 

How Long To Walk Australian Shepherd Puppy Surprising Things Affecting Dog Walks!

In case this is your first time walking a puppy, you will be surprised. Either the puppy will realize that he cannot go anywhere he wants, or he wouldn’t realize that he is on the leash. With that being said, you need to teach your pet to get accustomed to the leash. Otherwise, he will hate it. 


2 Common Issues With Leashes and Collars

It would be best if your puppy could learn to walk without a hitch. However, it is not often the case. You might encounter the two problems below while training your Australian shepherd puppy for walks. 


#1. Pulling away

The most common issue pet owners encounter when taking their pet for a walk is pulling away. It might be alright at first, but late on, your pet may not want to walk where you want him to go. In such a case, you need to do something. Remember that your puppy has to enjoy following you. You need to make it fun for him so that he won’t think about wandering off to sniff on rocks or any other things. 

Another thing that you should do is to avoid struggling against him. Doing so is not good for the puppy, and you will get your arms sore this way also. You might not realize it sometimes, but when you feel any strain in your arms, then you fight against the leash. 

To prevent this from happening, hold your arms still and keep them at the side as your hands are keeping hold of the leash firmly. The puppy will yank, struggle, and try to go backward most of the time. It appears that dogs think that they can get away if they go backward. Therefore, you need to stand still until they stop doing it. Since you aren’t doing anything, your dog will give up eventually. They will face their heads towards you, with their weight on you. Do not yank the leash, but instead, verbally call them without moving their leash. If this will not work, you can try to distract them. For instance, you can show them their favorite or lay them down. 

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#2. Submissive peeing

Some puppies are too submissive at first. They tend to squat and pee submissively when you scold them verbally. At times, when you have your pet sit down in front of you as you grab his leash, he would dribble a bit. If this is the case with your puppy, remember that you should avoid scolding him at all costs. That is because the scolding will only worsen the situation. What you have to do instead is to ignore his pee, praise him, and associate sitting down and having a leash with good things. If you only put the leash when going somewhere he find unpleasant, then no progress will be made. 

It would help determine why your pet does not want to get on its leash and then decide how to get rid of it. While you put your Aussie puppy on the leash, give him many teach and make walking fun for him. Another thing that you can do is divert your dog’s attention. Make him go down and have him sit back up again. Ensure to give your pet some treat as a reward for this. Give the treats using one hand. At the same time, your other hand is used to hold the leash. Know how to potty train an Australian shepherd.


Other Things Affecting Your Dog’s Walk

It would help if you took several things you are taking your dog for a walk. For instance, a puppy is more sensitive to heat, so you need to shorten the time allotted for outside walks during summer. Also, think of your puppy’s feet. The black concrete can be scorching, so avoid them. Another thing is that thorns can quickly end up in the soft pads of your Aussie pup. Once they get become older, their pads will become more challenging. So until then, you need to consider whether it is safe for you to walk over something when he’s barefoot. Otherwise, it is not safe for your puppy. Here are dog walking tips you should know!


Over Walking The Aussie Puppy

In determining how long to walk Australian shepherd puppy, you need to assess whether or not your pup wants to go for a walk with you. You must not drag your dog along at your back, for you are going so fast for him to catch on or just because he does not like following you. Either way, it would be unsuitable for his growth plates if you continue doing this. Please take note that from your puppy’s perspective, taking a walk is different from the playtime you spent with them in your yard. When playing, the puppy would stop and sniff something or catch his breath. But they are not allowed to when walking. 


It’s A Wrap!

The answer to the question: how long to walk Australian shepherd puppy depends on some factors. Above, we have discussed the different things that can affect your walk. It would help if you considered those to know the exact length of time to walk your pet. Your dog must enjoy this activity as much as you do.