How Long Does A Pitbull Dog Stay Pregnant? 5 Easy Ways To Detect Pregnancy!

Perhaps, you’re wondering how long does a pitbull dog stay pregnant. Pregnancy can reach from 62 to 64 days. However, there are instances when you have to wait for two months.

Indeed, you’ll find it rewarding to have new puppies at home. But, it’s not an easy process; you’ll indeed find it stressful and confusing whenever your pet gets pregnant. Not to mention, it becomes costly and time-consuming. So, are you prepared for this? 

How Long Does A Pitbull Dog Stay Pregnant 5 Easy Ways To Detect Pregnancy!

My friends, if you want to breed a dog, you need to obtain a lot of information. It’s a must that you are familiar with the breed, its health, and so much more. So much more, you have to know the signs when your pet is pregnant, as well as how you should take care of it. If you read further, I’m sure everything will be a breeze. 


How Long A Pitbull Dog Stays Pregnant?

You can wait from 62 to 64 days for your pup to pop. Sometimes, it will take about two months. Yet, we can determine the specific duration; it can be hard to know the timing of your dog’s delivery. 

Well, my friends, it’s not a guarantee that the date of conception will be matching the date of breeding. Also, your dog’s pregnancy may vary depending on the litter size and breed. 

In the first few months, you’ll expect the fertilized eggs to travel to the horn’s uterine. Then, they would embed into the lining at around 15 to 18 days. During early pregnancy, you should know that fetal development is quick. For this reason, the dog may experience swellings; and every seven days, they would double in diameter. 

After the first month, your pet already has a fetal heartbeat; your vet can detect this. In the second month, you will learn how speedy the growth is. During this time, you will recognize those puppies because the embryos are already developed. Finally, your pup is ready to be born starting the third month. I know how excited you are, my friends. Just keep chillin’!


Ways To Know Your Pitbull Is Pregnant

Know the ways, so you will know if your pitbull is pregnant:


#1. Diagnostic testing

As expected, your dog can’t get a pregnancy kit and test whether or not she is pregnant. That’s why as owners, we need to depend on other options so we know if she’s pregnant. Perhaps, the best option to say that she’s positive is via diagnostic testing. 


#2. Palpation

Do you know when your pitbull was bred? That’s great news! You have to know about pitbull breeding. Your vet can save you, for sure. He can conduct abdominal palpation beginning at around 28 to 30 days. During this stage, the pups inside her will feel like small grapes or golf balls, according to your pet’s size. Of course, you’ll expect that fluid-filled sacks surround the balls of the fetus. Take note that whenever you opt for abdominal palpation, this should be performed by your vet. Doing so without sufficient knowledge may be detrimental to your pups. Also, given that the shape of the sacks changes after a month, you need to take the test correctly. 


#3. Ultrasound alternatively

Between 25 to 35 gestation days, your vet may undergo an ultrasound. This process can detect heartbeats, so you will foresee how many puppies your pitbull carries. Well, there is a difference between the mother’s heartbeats and the puppies; the latter is twice or thrice faster than the former. 


#4. Hormone test

During 25 to 30 gestation days, you should expect your vet to perform a blood test. This test can measure the hormone levels of your dog, so to determine whether or not she produces relaxin. It’s a hormone excreted during pregnancy; that’s why you’ll find this test accurate. 


#5. X-rays

Perhaps, one of the best ways to know the pup is pregnant is through an X-ray. But then, this procedure is done only for at least 55 days. My friends, the skeletal system of your pup doesn’t manifest until that time. Therefore, when you perform this procedure, you will have a precise number of puppies, so you can determine if she’s done. 


Signs Of Pregnancy

Well, you have to take note that determining whether or not the dog is pregnant is not limited only to diagnostic testing. Here are the other signs you should consider: weight gain, appetite increase, nipple size increase, quickly getting tired, swollen belly, more affectionate, and nesting behavior.

There are also cases when they would vomit and experience reduced appetite. Don’t be excited yet, though. There are instances when they experience false pregnancy. Dogs may be suffering from other conditions, too, aside from pregnancy. 


How To Take Care For A Pregnant Dog

Upon determination of your puppies’ pregnancy, you should consider how you can take care of your pregnant dog. Here are the following:

  • Proper nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Visits to the vet
  • Preparing for puppies


It’s A Wrap!

So, how long does a pitbull dog stay pregnant? My friends, wait from 62 to 64 days; don’t get too excited, wait for the puppies to get out. But, remember, your responsibility doesn’t end there; it’s just the start! I hope this helps, have a great day! Read related articles; know how to tell if your Chihuahua is pregnant and how long is a German shepherd pregnant.

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