How Do German Shepherds Show Affection? [7 SIGNS]

Dogs show love and affection to their owners in various ways. Different breeds have their own way to show love. In this post, I’ll talk about how do german shepherds show affection.

How Do German Shepherds Show Affection

The German shepherd is an intelligent, energetic, and loving dog breed. As a dog owner, it’s great to know when exactly your dog shows love & affection toward you.

Different dog breeds have different ways to show love. Here are some common German Shepherd signs of affection:

They follow you

Germans are very protective. Don’t be surprised when you see your German shepherd follow you or staying close to you. Protecting you is something they like to do. This is nothing but your dog’s love toward you. By staying close to you, they make sure you are safe.

They cuddle you

Another sign your GSD is showing affection toward you is cuddling. GSDs don’t just follow or stay around their owners, they also show love physically, through cuddling or snuggling. Through cuddling, you can also tell your German shepherd how much you love him.


This one is something you must have noticed in so many breeds. Dogs often show their love toward a person by kissing/licking them.

Dogs have sensitive noses and mouths. By licking you, your GSD also knows about where you were and with whom you were.

Leaning on you

There can be various reasons why your German shepherd leans on you. They lean to let you know they want something that only you can provide.

Or, it could be the result of their protectiveness, separation anxiety, or wanting to show affection.

So when your GSD leans on you, it could be because he wants to show his love and affection for you.

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Whey your GSD allows to hug him

Dogs don’t like to hug. A study found that hugging can give discomfort, stress, or anxiety to the dog. Many negative signs (like ears down, half-moon eyes, lip licking, etc.) are seen in dogs when their owners hug them.

In short, not all dogs enjoy when you hug them. But, when your German Shepherd allows you to hug him, it is his sign of showing how much affectionate he is toward you.

When your GSD raises his eyebrows at you

The eyebrows of your GSD can also give you an idea about how he is feeling and what he is thinking.

You must have noticed eyebrows raises in your GSD so many times. Whenever your German Shepherd raises his eyebrows, it means he is happy to see you.

Tail wagging

Tail wagging is the common sign of affection in all the dog breeds. When your GSD is around you wagging his tail, it means he is happy to see you.

But, if you find your GSD coming to you slowly with bowed head and wagging tail, this isn’t the sign of affection.

Final Thoughts

If you are a new GSD owner, you should be able to understand the different signs of your dog. Understanding the signs will help you know how your dog is feeling.

These are the seven German shepherd signs of affection. Apart from GSDs, these affection signs are also common in other dog breeds.

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