How Can You Tell If A Husky Is Purebred? 5 Easy Ways!

The question is: how can you tell if a husky is purebred? Huskies come with high prices, so you want to ensure that you get purebred. Although mixed breeds are also beautiful, you would like to ensure that you get the worth for what you have paid for.

For that reason, we have decided to come with this post to show you the signs and characteristics of purebred huskies. So keep reading to know whether or not the one that you are about to buy is a purebred husky. 

How Can You Tell If A Husky Is Purebred 5 Easy Ways!


Ways To Tell If A Husky Is Purebred

Many breeders will claim to have purebred huskies, but they are not. Although these dogs will turn out lovable all the same, it will not change the fact that you are scammed. To prevent being in this situation, different characteristics and factors about huskies have to be examined. Below are the ways on how can you tell if a husky is purebred:


#1. Overall appearance

Huskies come in several variations, Siberian husky being the most famous. So let us talk about its distinct features. This dog breed is medium in size with long bodies. Typically, their heights fall between 20-24 inches, and their weight ranges from 35 up to 60 pounds. The colors of Siberian huskies range from pure white to black. This classic northern dog breed has a double coat for cooling and insulation. The fur is also medium in length and straight.

Furthermore, the coat of huskies is plush and dense with an undercoat. Around their neck area, you will see that they typically have little ruff.

In addition, you will not see ant long fringes on their legs or tails. Instead, you will see white markings around the chest and legs of most huskies. Their tails are well-furred. It is either carried upwards like the shape of a sickle or straight out. Their eyes usually come in blue and brown colors. Finally, one distinguishable feature of huskies is their erect ears. 


 #2. Checking the certifications and papers

Not all pet owners can distinguish whether or not their husky is purebred by simply looking at how it looks, especially when they are not dog experts. If you are one of those, one way to tell if your husky is indeed purebred is to see the papers that can certify them. 

The breeder must be able to provide the proper registrations and certifications. Ensure to check the paper first before buying the dog. Double-check its legitimacy as these certifications can be easily faked. If the seller, breeder, or shop cannot provide you with the papers, you can safely presume they are not selling purebred huskies. So always remember the importance of looking into the person or the shop from which you will purchase the husky. 


#3. Husky’s attitude

Although attitudes of dogs vary depending on their environment and upbringing, generally, huskies come with distinct personalities. This particular dog breed is independent and intelligent, but they can be very stubborn. On the other hand, they are delightful and friendly with other dogs, people, and even young children.

Not only that, but huskies also love running around so much. Their prey drive is also high, just like their physical activity requirement. Therefore, you will see them running after tiny animals such as squirrels and cats most of the time. Furthermore, huskies do not bark so much, unlike other dogs, but they tend to howl more. You may also want to read about how to get a husky to howl.


#4. Testing

You can also put the dog under testing to check whether or not it is purebred. This can be done by a dog expert, vet, or anyone that can distinguish dog breeds. Aside from that, some generic testings are used to know if a dog is purebred.


#5. Breeder reputation

You can also look at the reputation of the breeder or shop from which you will get your husky. Other than the paper, consider asking the breeder if you can visit the puppy’s parents to make sure that both of them are purebred huskies. It is also recommended that you read up on some genuine reviews from the customers as well as the expertise of the breeder.

If you want to look for reputable sellers of purebred huskies, it would be best to search for the certified breeders or sellers listed on the American Kennel Club. Take note that just like the dogs they are selling, those breeders must also have authentic registration papers. But be informed as early as now that breeders from that organization tend to sell their huskies or any other dogs at a much higher cost. The good thing here is that you are guaranteed to get a purebred.


It’s A Wrap!

LearnIt’sabout the characteristics of huskies or anything about them, in particular, would help distinguish whether or not you will be getting a purebred. But take note that irrespective of a dog breed – mixed or pure- you will still have a wonderful dog that needs your grooming and training to improve its overall health.

Hopefully, this article about how can you tell if a husky is purebred has helped you before purchasing a husky. However, it would help if you did not wait long before you start to learn about your dog. Do it as early as now or even before you get the dog and take it home. Read related articles; know how to keep husky entertained and how to play with a husky.

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