How Big Is A Toy Australian Shepherd? Its Origin, Physical Features, & Qualities!

Are you curious if how big is a toy Australian shepherd? This unique and beautiful dog breed is commonly called Toy Aussies. Although they can be great pets, you need to note that these dogs are not for everyone. 

Essentially, Toy Aussies are the smaller versions of German or Australian shepherds. They are considered creative and intelligent dogs. Their personalities are like puppies. They require plenty of attention.

Furthermore, Toy Aussies are very active, eager, willing to engage in activities and play. When you leave them alone for more extended periods, they might develop destructive behaviors. Read furthermore to know more about this breed, especially to answer your question. This is just an overview, so you better read further!


How Big Does A Toy Australian Shepherd Get?

So, how big is a toy Australian shepherd? This dog breed is the miniature version of an Australian shepherd. So you may be curious if they will get big and for how much. Well, they are somewhat similar to the usual Australian shepherd. But they are just the mini version. Their heights range from 10 up to 12 inches, and their weights range from 12 to 17 pounds. 


Origin Of The Name Toy Aussie

Although this breed is originally from Australia, it still ends up there somehow. Aussie is the shorter term for the breed’s name, an Australian shepherd. Toy is the term that dog breeders use in signifying the dog’s size. This is especially true since dogs come in various sizes. Teacup is the smallest dog, while slightly bigger ones are referred to as Toy. Among this class, Miniature is the largest. Toy Aussies have similar behavioral characteristics with regular Australian shepherds of a bigger size regardless of their size.


Physical Features Of Toy Australian Shepherds

Due to the size of Toy Aussies, they look like puppies. Aside from their cute size, they also have other qualities that make them ideal as pets. As for their size, you have already known that they can grow from 10 up to 12 inches in height. They could weigh anywhere from 12 to 17 pounds. But it is dependent on its size. For its coat, its coats are similar to German and Australian shepherds. It can either be straight or wavy. Typically, the fur has a medium length. Not only that, but it is weather-resistant also. It is effortless to maintain their coat. Only minimal grooming is required.

Although they shed, you need to comb them. Also, bath your Toy Australian shepherd if required. You can find this breed in a variety of colors. Blue merle, black merle, and red merle are the most famous.

All breeds of dogs have significant markings that make them unique. You will see that numerous Toy Australian shepherds have tan points and white markings. Their tails are naturally bobtails or docked completely when it comes to their tails. Furthermore, minimal grooming is needed. But what makes this breed stand out is its enchanting and enticing eyes that come in the beautiful blue color. This outstanding feature is why people would want to have this breed. Another physical feature that makes this breed cute is its minor hair feathering at its hind legs. It’s best to also know how to groom Australian shepherd.


Qualities Of Toy Australian Shepherds

This dog breed is also famous for its personality. They have exceptional traits and qualities, which makes them phenomenal pets. Australian shepherds do not only look similar to puppies, but they also behave like them. The super cute little dogs are active and confident. Furthermore, they are also very kind-hearted and affectionate. With that being said, they are ideal when you have children and other pets in the house. They can be highly great companions to them. But it is expected that this breed needs more attention from and it is innate to them to be territorial.

Although they can be shy when strangers are around, this behavior can be reduced if you socialize them early. They are smaller in size, but their nature and instincts are very alike those full-sized Aussies. This breed is brilliant, and they have strong herding and guardian instincts. They can make great companions due to their nature and character. Toy Australian shepherds are easy-going and friendly, which is why many love them, especially children.

They devote their lives love to protect their owners. So if you have a Toy Aussie, he will serve as your guarding angel. Furthermore, no dog of this breed would display unwanted aggression. But since they are very protective, they need significant attention.

You should leave this one alone for more extended periods. Owning a Toy Australian shepherd requires you to provide your pet with the care, attention, and love that it needs. Not giving your pet enough physical activity or time would result in potentially dangerous and destructive behaviors.


Our Toy Aussies Hyper All The Time?

These small dogs are very active since they are puppies and reach old age. But of course, you will notice that their activity level would decrease once they get old. However, on their puppyhood, expect that they will be so hyperactive. This will remain true until they reach the age of two years. You may also want to read about how to calm an Australian shepherd.


It’s A Wrap!

Since you have read the entire post, you already know how big is a Toy Australian shepherd. In conclusion, they are relatively similar to other Australian and German shepherds. The only difference is their smaller size. This breed stands out due to its cuteness and beautiful blue eyes. In general, Toy Aussies are happy, caring, loving, and amicable. However, they need a significant amount of attention. They love playing and around and engaging in different physical activities. But what’s best about this breed is that low maintenance and upkeep are required. Having a Toy Australian shepherd at home means that you have a caring and loyal partner not just for yourself but for the entire family. But ensure to give your pet enough time and care for it properly.