5 Best Dog Houses For German Shepherds (2021)

Getting a good quality dog house ensures the safety and comfort of your GSD. Here I have listed the best dog houses for German shepherds, to help you find the right one.

Best dog houses for german shepherds

When you adopt a new GSD, there are so many things to buy, starting from nutritious food, dog toys, to a well-built house.

To ensure the safety and comfort of your german shepherd dog, you must provide him a good quality house.

Getting a dog house is important because you are not going to be with your GSD all the time. There will be a time when you have to leave your dog alone for some time.

When you leave your GSD alone, he becomes free to explore and destroy things.

If you don’t want your German shepherd to create a mess and destroy things when you are out, you must get him a dog house.

When it comes to getting a GSD house, you have so many options available. If you are confused about which one to buy, this post will help you.

Best Dog Houses For German Shepherds

The average weight of a male adult GSD could range from 66lbs to 88lbs and female adult GSD’s weight could range from 48lbs to 70lbs. While getting a house for a GSD, it is essential to pick a good-quality & sturdy house.

To help you select the right house for your canine, I researched and found these dog houses:

Best Dog Houses For German Shepherds
1. Suncast Outdoor Dog House With Door

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2. Confidence Plastic Dog Kennel Outdoor House

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3. Petsfit Outdoor Dog House

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4. Petmate Indigo Igloo Dog House

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5. Petmate Aspen Pet PetBarn 3

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Suncast Outdoor Dog House With Door

Suncast Outdoor Dog House With DoorSuncast dog house is perfect for your backyard, patio, and deck. If you want a durable and sturdy house for your German Shepherd dog, this one is the best.

This dog house is made up of heavy-duty resin, which means your dog will be safe and protected in the house in all climate conditions. It is built in such a manner to fight with all climate conditions.

The roof of this dog house is removable, hence cleaning the house won’t be a stressful task. There are vents attached, so there would be a better air circulation inside the house.

Inside the package, you will get everything you need to assemble the house. The good thing is the assembling process is so easy.

The dimensions of this German Shepherd dog house are 38.5 x 33 x 32 and it can carry the weight of up to 70lbs.


  • 38.5 x 33 x 32 inches dimensions
  • Easy assembly
  • Resin construction
  • It can hold the weight of up to 70lbs
  • Vents will provide better air circulation

Confidence Plastic Dog Kennel Outdoor House

Confidence Plastic Dog Kennel Outdoor House

This dog kennel by Confidence is made up of high-quality, durable plastic material. The dog house is constructed in such a manner to provide a comfortable experience to your German Shepherd.

As compared to Suncast’s dog house, this house by Confidence has more internal space.

Depending on your dog’s size, you have three sizing options available – Medium, Large, and Extra Large. If your German shepherd is very large, you should get Extra Large size.

Inside the package, you will receive different parts for assembling. Assembling the house will be easy. You will not require any additional tools for that. You just need to follow the provided directions.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Made up of durable plastic
  • Large volume and more internal space
  • Perfect house for big dogs
  • It will protect your GSD from diverse climate conditions

Petsfit Outdoor Dog House

Petsfit Outdoor Dog House

Petsfit outdoor dog house is another sturdy and durable house for German Shepherds. The dog house is coated with water-based, natural cedar paint. The natural cedar paint coat helps to protect from pests.

This sturdy wood dog house can easily hold the weight of up to 75lbs. It can be used outdoors as well as indoors. Apart from dogs, this house is also ideal for pets like ducks and cats.

You have two color options. You can pick from Light Grey and Red. Both of these colors look classic and natural.

This dog house is made from high-quality materials, it is weatherproof. There’s a waterproof roof on this dog house. It will protect your canine from different climate conditions like snow, rain, and sun.

Assembling this dog house won’t be a stress for you, as it comes with pre-drilled holes. You will not require any extra tools or equipment for assembling.


  • Weatherproof & waterproof dog house
  • It can carry the weight of up to 75lbs
  • Water-based, natural cedar paint coating
  • Easy assembly (comes with pre-drilled holes)
  • Comes with adjustable feet

Petmate Indigo Igloo Dog House

Petmate Indigo Igloo Dog House

This premium quality dog house by Petmate is built to provide your German shepherd insulation in different climate conditions like cold and sun. There’s an offset doorway, which helps avoid water coming inside during the rain.

The igloo dog house is built in such a manner to keep the dog cooler in summer days and warmer in the winter days.

There’s the ventilation system on the roof of this dog house. This is designed for better air circulation. The continuous airflow will keep your German Shepherd comfortable inside the house.

This dog house is available in three sizing options. Depending on the house size you select, it can hold the weight from 25lbs to 175lbs.

The product comes with Antimicrobial Protection which helps to avoid the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria.


  • Antimicrobial Protection
  • Roof ventilation provides fresh airflow
  • Built for all weather conditions
  • Made with premium quality materials
  • Easy to assemble

Petmate Aspen Pet PetBarn 3

Petmate Aspen Pet PetBarn 3This one is another durable dog house for German Shepherds. It is made with quality plastic material, which ensures better protection.

It has extended roof guard rim and raised interior floor, which provides safety in all seasons. The dog house is built in such a way to provide your German Shepherd protection against different climate conditions, like rain, cold, and sun.

The rear ventilation of the dog house provides fresh airflow. Due to this, your GSD will be comfortable inside the house and he won’t feel suffocated.

Assembling is so simple. You will not require any additional tools or equipment to assemble.


  • Made with durable plastic material
  • Built to protect in all seasons
  • Fresh airflow
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble

Factors to Consider Before Getting A Dog House For GSD

Dog house for German Shepherd

You will find dog houses of different sizes and styles. You need to pick the one that is suitable for your German Shepherd. Here are certain factors you need to consider before getting a dog house for your GSD:


A dog house could be of plastic, metal, or wood. Earlier, dog houses used to be of wood material. At present, you will find the majority of dog houses with plastic construction.

The dog house constructed of wood material will be heavier than the plastic one. If you want the house to be durable as well as portable, get the one with plastic construction.


While buying a dog house, it is also essential to consider the size of your GSD. By getting a large volume house, your dog will be comfortable inside the house.

First, you need to measure the height (paw to head length & add 2-4 inches) and length (nose to tail & add 2-4 inches) of your dog. When you buy a dog house, you need to check the dimensions of the house. Depending on your GSD size, you need to make the purchase


The style is another factor which differs from one dog house to another. The three main dog house styles out there in the market are Classic, Igloo, and Canopy.

The Classic dog house is known for its durable nature and it keeps the dog cool in the summer season. Igloo houses are generally for winters. Talking about canopy styled houses, they are ideal for hot climate regions.


Before buying a dog house for your GSD, note that the price will differ based on the style, size, and materials of the house. It also differs from one manufacturer to another.


You want your German Shepherd to feel protected and comfortable in the dog house. While buying a dog house, you need to check out whether it has proper ventilation or not.

Having vents in the dog house ensures fresh airflow, which keeps the dog feel comfortable inside the house.

Features of A Perfect Dog House

Dog houses come in different sizes, styles, and features. Here are several characteristics of a perfect dog house:

  • The first important feature you need to look in a dog house is a sloped roof. When you buy a house with a flat roof, the water will stand on the roof and this will attract mosquitoes.
  • The dog house you buy needs to be easy to assemble and disassemble. Consider getting a dog house that does not require any tool for assembling.
  • After getting a house for your dog, you will require to clean it regularly. Hence, get a house that is easy to clean.
  • Get a dog house that has enough vents so that your canine can get fresh air.
  • Another crucial feature of a dog house is insulation. Getting an insulated dog house becomes more important when you live in a colder region. The insulated dog house has a warm interior, which keeps your dog comfortable during winters.

Final Thoughts

The German Shepherd is a loving and affectionate dog breed. If you own a German Shepherd dog, it is essential that you get all the essential items for him, starting from food, toys, to dog house.

There are so many dog house manufacturers in the market. Among different manufacturers, you must pick from a top manufacturer.

To help you find the perfect house, I have researched and found some best dog houses for German Shepherds. Don’t forget to check out the buying guide and important features, before selecting a dog house.

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