How Do German Shepherds Show Affection? [7 SIGNS]

How do German shepherds show affection

Dogs show love and affection to their owners in various ways. Different breeds have their own way to show love. In this post, I’ll talk about how do german shepherds show affection. The German shepherd is an intelligent, energetic, and loving dog breed. As a dog owner, it’s great to know when exactly your dog … Read more

How Much Food Should An Australian Shepherd Puppy Eat?

How much food should an Aussie puppy eat

Food is an essential factor that can impact the overall health of your Aussie puppy. In this post, I’ll explain how much food should an Australian shepherd puppy eat. The type and quantity of food your dog needs will differ depending on the breed and age of your dog. One of the major factors that … Read more

Why Do Dog Toys Squeak?

Why do dog toys squeak

Sometimes squeaky toys can be annoying. In this post, I will explain the reasons why do dog toys squeak i.e. what makes a dog toy squeak. Dogs love to play with squeaker toys. The fun sounds from these toys satisfy instinctual needs and provide mental stimulation to dogs. The question may arise here is why … Read more