Can Dog Toys With Squeakers Be Washed?

Dogs love their squeaker toys so much. As a responsible dog owner, you need to know – can dog toys with squeakers be washed or replaced.

Can dog toys with squeakers be washed

So can you wash dog toys with squeakers?

Yes, you can wash. The best thing you can do before washing the toy is checking out the washing instructions by the manufacturer. This way, you can get an idea about what method would be ideal for washing your toy.

What if the instructions tag has been ripped off by your dog or there’s no such tag?

In such a situation, this post will help you. Here you will get the answer for when to use the washing machine, can toys go in the dryer, can you bleach the toys, etc.

Why To Clean Dog Toys?

For safety, you need to focus on cleaning and washing them.

When your dog puts the toy in the mouth for long hours, it gets full of bacteria, food particles, and dirt. Most dog owners do not consider cleaning their dog’s toys.

They think of cleaning when they pick the toys and see dirt on them. It is important to clean dirty and germ-filled toys to avoid the risk to you and your family.

For a good lifespan of toys, focusing on care is also essential. When your dog leaves the toys outside after playing, you should bring them in.

This way, you can save the toys from different atmospheres like direct sunlight, rain, and cold.

Can Dog Toys Go In The Washing Machine?

It is highly based on the material of the dog toy. If the toy is made with rubber, plastic, or any hard material,  it is advisable to wash it manually.

For plush or rope toys, you can use the washing machine to wash.

Make sure you use cold or warm water while washing the dog toys with squeakers. Using hot water has the potential to damage internal fillings of the toy.

Can You Bleach Dog Toys?

Bleaching the dog toys is not advisable at all. Many companies claim their products to be safe for bleaching. But, when you bleach any toy, the toy’s color gets changed.

The bleached toy can be dangerous for your dog, even if you have used very little bleaching.

The best way to get rid of dirt from the toy is by using the all-natural detergent powder in the washing machine. If you want to clean it manually, you can use all-natural dishwasher soap.

Even after washing the toy with all-natural detergent or dishwasher soap if there’s still the dirt or bad smell, then it is the time to get a new squeaker toy for your dog.

Can Dog Toys Go In The Dryer?

After washing, the next important thing is drying the toy. Before you give the toy to your dog for playing, make sure you have dried it properly.

The best way to dry the toy faster is by hanging it under the direct sunlight. Don’t hang it under the sun for very long as it can damage the squeaker or internal fillings of the toy.

You can also make use of a dryer for drying your dog’s toy. While using drying, make sure to use a low heat cycle because high heat can cause damage to the toy.

If you have got a premium quality toy for your dog, then drying it should not be a problem for you.

Final Thoughts

So before washing a dog toy with squeakers, you should take a look at the manufacturer’s washing instructions tag.

There are two main options when it comes to washing, either wash it in the washing machine or do it your own. The washing machine is for plush or rope toys. For hard toys (plastic, rubber), consider washing manually.

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