Are Border Collies Good Family Dogs?

Are you planning to adopt a Border Collie dog? Are Border Collies Good Family Dogs? Before adopting any dog breed, it’s good to know the characteristics of that breed.

are border collies good family dogs

“I have a special thing for Pugs.”

“Oh! Well, I love Bulldogs.”

We often hear this kind of conversation when we are a part of the dog-lover group. There can be varied opinions when it comes to petting a dog. You have Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Boxer, Poodle, Rottweiler, Beagle, Chihuahua, Great Dane, and the list is a never-ending one. However, the temperament of each of these dogs is different.

Are border collies good family dogs?

The answer is YES. Border Collies are very much people-oriented. They are affectionate toward families and kids. They can get along with strangers as well.

Before adopting a Border Collie, note that this breed has a very high herding instinct. The main reason why the majority of Border Collies end up in rescue is that they have bitten someone. Due to high herding instincts of Border Collies, they are not suitable for families with young kids.

How Do We Know Border Collie as?

Border Collies are an Australian breed of dogs, primarily taking care of the sheep on the farm. However, they actually belong to the border of England and Scotland.

As compared to bulldogs and pugs, border collies are extremely loyal and energetic. They possess the following characteristics—faithful, active, agile, intelligent. When you bring them home and be friends with them, they wouldn’t leave any opportunity to please you.

They are highly energetic, and they’d keep you upon your toes, as they need to exercise and play games that involve physical activities. They would drag you for a game of frisbee and catch & throw.

Appearance-wise, a grown-up Border Collies can stand up to about 50 cm at the shoulders. These are muscular and athletic. They possess an intense gaze and are available in Black/White, Chocolate/White, Blue/White, and Red/White.

All these qualities make them highly suitable for adopting them.

What is the Suitability Quotient of Border Collies?

Suitability is a two-way street. Instead of looking for a pet that is suitable for your family, you should, in turn, consider whether your family is ready to take up the responsibility to adopt a border collie. Petting a border collie means you have to be on your toes. You have to be a physically active person, as your canine loves to play games and exercise.

It is recommended that you have a big house or a balcony kind of space for the dog to enjoy its ‘me’ time. These may appear calm and composed to you, but they are definitely not sitting and scratching their seat, the entire day.

They are not the usual ‘stay-indoors’ kind of dogs; they prefer to spend their energy in active pursuits such as running, smelling, digging, and hunting. Border Collies can be trained effortlessly. If you have a disciplined environment at home, you can rest assure about the suitability of border collies.

Precautions To Take Before Bringing A Border Collie Home

You should bring home a healthy canine, and so you must follow specific steps:

  • Get a complete body checkup of your border collie.
  • You should take adequate care to make it feel comfortable in your home.
  • Track the sleeping and eating patterns, and adjust accordingly.
  • Ask the previous owner of the border collie if there’s anything you should know.

In a nutshell, a border collie can be your best companion. This is the best family dog breed if you and your family members decide to take proper care.

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